twinset actitude new brand woman spring summer 2021

What is an idea, if not the result of an encounter between right attitudes in an instant of sudden, revealing liveliness? This is how ACTITUDE, a new collection from the Twinset home, was born: different souls mingling and creating a dynamic and faceted style, just like the people who choose it. The Actitude woman uses her wardrobe to express her desires, ambitions and even dreams. Above all, her choices are for herself and not for pleasing others. Fashion becomes a gesture of freedom. In an increasingly digital world, where the meeting of different cultures and races is the true wealth, our attitude becomes the key point of distinction. Honing your attitudes, enhancing your identity: this is what choosing ACTITUDE means. Jumpers at the centre, trends in the circle: these are the two creative expressions. The first one defines the DNA, the second reflects the changes that mark the times we are living, through colours, volumes, details. Easy, in the collection, relates to easy movement: maxi sweatshirts, super-large T-shirts, jumpsuits. That’s because ACTITUDE is a little ‘active’ and a little ‘attitude’, a brand for those who make choices with their head and not because of their age or looks.