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TWINSET Gift Card – General Conditions of Use

Updated 29 November 2022 / 1 December 2022.

TWINSET offers Gift Cards, non-nominal prepaid vouchers that can be given as gifts to friends and family who can use them for online and in-store purchases.

How to purchase a TWINSET Gift Card

Gift Cards are non-nominal prepaid vouchers that Customers can purchase in our Digital Store or in any participating TWINSET boutique – the list of boutiques is available in the Boutiques section.

TWINSET Gift Cards have a minimum value of €50 and a maximum value of €2,000. The cards have no activation charges, and no commissions are due for their use. Gift Cards cannot be recharged.

Gift Card codes are sent via email to the address provided by the Customer at the time of purchase. Customers may also choose the “Give a Gift Card” free option by entering the email address of the person to whom they wish to send the card and can include a personal message. Customers may purchase multiple Gift Cards separately, but the Gift Cards can be used simultaneously to pay for a single order. Gift Cards can be used in conjunction with any other payment methods available in our Digital Store and our boutiques.

How to use a TWINSET Gift Card

TWINSET Gift Cards are discount vouchers that can be used as a method of payment. They can be purchased only for private use and cannot be sold.

The use of Gift Cards is subject to the following conditions:

1. Cards are valid for one year, 365 days, from the date of purchase, i.e. the date they are activated on our website or in store. The exact expiry date can always be checked on the website and can be verified in any participating store. Once a Gift Card has expired, it no longer can be used and its validity cannot be extended. Customers will not be entitled to a refund if the full value of the Gift Card is not spent by the expiry date.

2. Cards are non-nominal: whoever has the code shown on the TWINSET Gift Card can use it in compliance with the conditions herein, with no questions asked about its ownership. Therefore, anyone who buys a Gift Card or receives it as a gift must make sure to keep it safe.

3. Cards can be used to make purchases in store and online, regardless of where they were purchased. Cards cannot be used to purchase other Gift Cards.

4. Amounts credited on Gift Cards cannot be converted into cash. Gift Card users are not entitled to change or refunds in cash.

5. Cards can be used to make a single purchase for a minimum amount equal to the value of the Gift Card, or to make multiple purchases during the validity period up to the full value of the Gift Card. The value of each purchase will be detracted from the total amount available on the Gift Card. Every time a Gift Card is used to make a purchase for an amount smaller than the credit available on the card, i.e. using only part of the credit, a new Gift Card for the remaining amount will be issued based on the method used to make the purchase (for example, in the case a €100 Gift Card purchased in store and partially used to make a €60 purchase online, the new code, worth €40, will be issued online via email to the address provided by the person who used it). The credit available on a Gift Card cannot be used partially if it is less than the value of the purchase.

6. The value and validity of Gift Cards can be checked by entering their ID codes on the page at the following link. No data belonging to the buyers or the users of the Gift Cards are associated with the codes entered or shown.

7. If the amount credited on a Gift Card is insufficient to pay in full for a purchase, the remaining amount may be paid using any of the payment methods accepted by TWINSET in store or online, depending on where the purchase is made.

8. Gift Cards are non-nominal; therefore they can be used by anyone who presents them to make a purchase. Anyone who has a card and the relevant code is solely responsible for its use and safekeeping. TWINSET shall not be liable for lost or stolen cards or for their improper or fraudulent use by third parties. If unreadable, damaged Gift Cards may not be accepted.

9. Gift Cards purchased online are sent to the email address entered in the form by the buyer at the time of purchase. The buyer is solely responsible for any data entered in the form and for the content of any message intended for the recipient of the card. TWINSET shall not be liable for the email containing the Gift Card and the accompanying message not being sent or being sent to the wrong address due to errors or typos in the email address, nor for the content of the accompanying message sent with the Gift Card.

10. When items purchased solely using a Gift Card or in conjunction with another payment method are returned, the value of the voucher spent for the purchase is refunded by issuing a new code or issuing a new Gift Card and handing it over in store or sending it via email to the user.

11. Complaints regarding the use of TWINSET Gift Cards can be made using the “Contact Us” form or sending a letter via recorded mail to TWINSET SPA, V.le del Commercio 32, 41012 Carpi (MO), Italy.

12. These conditions apply to every purchase and use of the TWINSET Gift Card offered exclusively by Twinset S.P.A.

13. All disputes pertaining to the use of TWINSET Gift Cards will be subject to Italian Law. Please be informed that the European Commission provides a platform for the alternative out-of-court settlement of disputes, accessible to customers residing within the European Union on the website

14. These Conditions of Use are valid until amended, integrated, or replaced. The latest applicable version will always be available in participating TWINSET Stores and published on the TWINSET website.


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