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TWINSET Cookie Policy

Like many other websites, may store or retrieve information from the browser, especially in the form of cookies. Such information may relate to the User, their preferences or the device they use to access the Internet (computer, tablet or mobile phone) and are mainly used to align the operation of the Website with the User's expectations, by offering a customized browsing experience and storing previously made choices.

The paragraphs that follow provide further information about the various cookies used. It is possible to prevent some or all cookies being saved, should you wish to do so. This may, however, compromise your use of the Website and the services offered.

Browser cookies

Browser cookies are technical cookies that enable browsing. They include cookies that automatically recognize the language used by the User, that facilitate online purchases, etc.. If you are registered, browser cookies enable you to be recognized as a registered User of the Website when you log in. Without these cookies, we are unable to provide the services for which Users log into the site.

Analytics cookies

These cookies show how visitors use the Website, so that its operation can be assessed and improved. For example, they indicate which pages are visited most or least. Among other metrics, they take account of the number of visitors, the time spent on the Website by Users and the way they find it. This enables us to find out what works well and what to improve, and to ensure that the pages load quickly and are displayed correctly. All information collected by these cookies is anonymous and is not linked to Users' personal data. We use the services of Google Analytics to perform these functions.

Tracking cookies

Tracking cookies include all cookies that track and monitor User browsing, with a view to monitoring and profiling Users. Cookies of this type enable us to see which web pages Users visit, what they purchase, what they read etc.. We use these cookies to profile Users by tastes, habits and purchasing choices, and to send personalized advertising for given products. We use these cookies to ensure that the marketing messages received from our Website or from other sites that we advertise on are aligned with visitors' preferences. We need your prior consent to use tracking cookies.

Retargeting cookies

Retargeting cookies are necessary for the advertisement services provided via Criteo and/or Google Remarketing. Browser cookies track the products you view on our Website and then enable us to show you banners and/or advertisements for our products, based on your browsing history, when you visit other, affiliated websites. Users are assigned a technical ID, but under no circumstances will Criteo and/or Google collect personal data such as names or addresses that allow users to be identified. To find out more, please consult the privacy policy of Criteo: and/or Google:

Refusing cookies

If you have any doubts about the use of cookies, you can take action to prevent their placement, for example by changing the configuration of your browser to block certain types of cookie. Bear in mind, however, that disabling browser cookies may prevent the Website from working properly and/or restrict the services available on it.

For detailed information on the necessary procedure, please consult your browser's help pages. For an overview of the most common browsers, visit

Advertising companies also enable you to refuse to receive targeted advertisements if you wish. This does not prevent the placement of cookies, but it stops the use and collection of certain data by these companies.

For further information and refusal options, visit

To disable the display of Criteo advertisements, go to:

To disable analytics cookies, you can download the browser add-in for disabling Google Analytics:

To disable Google retargeting cookies, go to

The cookies placed by the Website are listed below:

  • ai
  • AspNet.ApplicationCookie
  • userSessionId
  • userWishListId
  • CookieAlarm
  • RequestVerificationToken
  • localeInfo
  • _ga
  • _gid
  • _gat

The data may be processed using IT, hard-copy, digital, electronic and magnetic media. The collected data will be stored and kept at the headquarters of TWINSET S.p.A. with a single shareholder in Carpi (MO) - 41012, Via del Commercio, 32.

The Data Controller is TWINSET S.p.A. with a single shareholder, with registered office in Carpi (MO) - 41012, Via del Commercio, 32. Tel. 059.91951 - fax 059.9195101 e-mail:


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