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Over 40 women, calm and steady, march towards the future to tell an Italian story. More than anything, they confirm what Twinset represents: a brand that celebrates the unique personalities of the women who compose it everyday. A choice that stems from the desire to keep enhancing each woman's personality, each different and yet equal, as they tell their stories from the heart.

From the heart

Born in 1983, Stefano Lodovichi is known for his ability to engage his audience into the story, and his talent for interacting with non-professional performers, highlighting the human side of acting. ‘No End’ marked his film début in 2007. He directed two successful series, Il Cacciatore [The Hunter] and Il Processo [The Trial], as well as the movie ‘La Stanza’ [The Room] for Amazon Prime. Multi-award winning Director of Photography Paredes Rubio began his career as a photojournalist for Reuters, he then moved to long feature films, earning a ‘Ciak d’oro’ prize for his ability to portray reality with truth and poetry. The musical score was created by the young and talented Edoardo Galletti, whose exclusive music enhances the values of the brand with a romantic, engaging tone.