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Peace, love, prosperity: what does the 2020 Chinese horoscope have in store for you?
Discover your lunar horoscope and read what the new year will bring for you:

Discover your horoscope


For those born in the sign of the Rat, 2020 will be the Year of Love, all about charm and attraction. Work poses new challenges, so it is time for a new look!


The new year will be an important one for taking stock of your life and going for major decisions, it will be the year for a daring change of look. Positive surprises from the realm of work.


A challenging 2020, especially the first half: help your good fortune by always wearing something blue.


Lady luck is smiling again: serene love for the new couples, new opportunities for the single ladies. Unexpected travels and improvements on the work front, a capacious hobo bag will be your top ally.


A year of transition, in love as in business: think your choices through and don’t be in a hurry to commit. Metallic colours will help your good luck in style!


Challenging and full of unforeseen circumstances, 2020 will also be a very promising year on the love front: you will be magnetically charming. The orchid will be your lucky flower, with a pair of court shoes you will be unstoppable.


A year to ease your mind: love runs smooth, and there are no big surprises on the work front, but Lady Luck may always surprise you!


A year of calm and balance, both in love and at work. Remember: no challenge is too much if you are wearing red.


Some bumps on the road of love, but the second semester will bring new work opportunities: career fashionistas alert!


Complicity and satisfactions both in love and at work. Be daring, luck is on your side this year. Don’t forget to always wear something gold.


Couples will experience great sync, some unlucky dates for the single ladies. Go for brand new project, even a change of look: 2020 is the year of the possible.


Stop and think about what you really want: the new year favours changes, at work as in love.


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